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Carrots are not just orange – who would have thought…

I love walking through the farmers’ market. I love seeing the beautiful colored fruit and vegetables.

But I didn’t expect to see this:

colored-carrotsMaybe I lived a very sheltered life, sheltered of colorful food.

But I seriously didn’t know that carrots come in any other color than orange.

I have the Dutch to blame for this. Allegedly, when carrots where cultivated in the 1700s, the Dutch were the forerunners of cultivating carrots in the Western world and – by no surprise really – they cultivated orange carrots and left out all other carrots. This was as a tribute to William of Orange who led the Netherlands’s struggle for independence. The yellow, white and purple carrot’s future was doomed. You can find out more about the history of carrots in the World Carrot Museum – oh yes, that’s a real thing!

Now you say, “ok, I want to know how the colored carrots taste“. I am glad you asked!

Colored carrot tasting

White – same texture and crunchiness, a little more bland in taste.

Yellow - same texture and crunchiness, more “carrot” taste than the white ones.

Purple – come in 2 kinds: white inside: taste like the white ones; orange inside: taste like orange carrots.

Orange – you know how they taste.

If you get the chance, go and taste the rainbow colors of carrots!

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Nike Women’s Half Marathon in the books!

Race Recap Summary:

Race course = Great!

Finish-Line festivities = Poor!

It’s the fifth time I am running this race. First in 2009 as a full marathon and then as half marathons. This year the course changed and everyone freaked out before the race – including me. LOL.

But really there was no need for this. I LOVED the new course (Darn it! This makes me want to run it again…). Even the hill at mile 10 had nothing on me. It probably helped that we ran it during several Team in Training runs.

Read the full race recap here: No Heels Just Sneakers – Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco 2014 – Race Recap

NWHM-race-day (2)

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Getting ready for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014

This is the fifth time I am running the Nike race in San Francisco. My first Nike Women’s race was the Full Marathon in 2009. Then I learned you get the Tiffany’s necklace when you run the half marathon. Hence, with all subsequent races I took the smarter, “I am only half crazy” option of the half marathon.

View my full re-race report on No Heels Just Sneakers - Getting ready for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon 2014.


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The day when Facebook went down for 19 minutes

I don’t think people have talked about Facebook as much as today any time recently. #facebookdown was trending on Twitter all day.
As I was talking (actually talking!!) to my colleagues about FB being down, we started trolling Twitter (as you do when one social network is down you go to the next one…).

We came up with our list of things to do when Facebook is down:

1. Take a photo out of your wallet and ask people to like it.
2. Actually carry a photo in your wallet.
3. When going to the gym, shout out loud at the entrance: “I am at the gym”.
4. Don’t go to the gym since no one will see that you went.
5. Wish a random person on the street Happy Birthday.
6. Ask a stranger to be your friend.
7. Tell a stranger that you like that they are at the same lunch place you are.
8. Call all your friends to tell them you just ate a doughnut.
9. Call all your friends to tell them that Facebook is down, ’cause nothing else is really important right now.
10. Get off Facebook forever, ’cause it’s not reliable and move over to G+.

Obviously, we had nothing better to do in the office this morning. LOL!
I also learned that there is a condition called “social media addiction”. Oh my!

Here are some of my favorite tweets:





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Half Marathon 25 – San Luis Obispo

Easily my favorite race this year. This was our Team in Training official spring race. I volunteered as a Team in Training mentor this spring and 2 of my mentees ran this race. For both of them it was the first race they ever completed. It felt like such an honor to be there with them as they achieved their goals.

We were staying at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo and if you have never been there, check it out. It is different.

This was my room. It is one panoramic photo.


Broken up in several photos it looks like this:

The race was actually quite nice. It was hilly, but hilly half marathons seem to be my specialty this year, so it didn’t make any top cut in my races this year. ;)

We passed vineyards and people tossing washers/horseshoes and I was tempted to just join any of them, but my running buddy wanted to make sure we reach the finish line sober and in time before closure (so serious… lol). We had tons of fun on the course, but somehow I missed taking pictures during the run.

Here is us at the finish line:



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