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Listening to Hillary Clinton

Recently I was in the audience of a conference that featured Hillary Clinton as a keynote speaker.

In her 30-minute keynote Hillary Clinton addressed the gender gap in the tech industry specifically. Quoting a number of statistics showing that women are still not making it to the board room and lamenting the pay gap, she also addressed the cultural challenges for women in the tech industry, comparing companies in Silicon Valley with the Wild West and a locker room mentality.

Read more: An inspiring talk by Hillary Clinton

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EWG’s Dirty Dozen

Unfortunately for us, vegetables and fruit show signes of pesticide residue. Some more and some less.

Fortunately for us, each year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) lists the vegetable and fruit that show the highest amount of pesticide and the lowest amount of pesticides. This allows us to make best decisions on which fruit and veggies to buy as organic.

The list is called Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.

See the list here.

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5 things I learned already in 2015

This past week has been trying. It was the first week this year so far where I struggled prioritizing self-care. I started my “100 Days of Happiness” at the start of the year to learn getting into the habit of taking care of myself. For me this means ensuring adequate me-time to focus on doing things that are important to me.

How did I do so far?

Well, I learned 5 things already this year


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