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12-miler in Monterrey

12-miler in Monterrey

It was a beautiful day out in Monterrey on Saturday when we ran 12 miles along the coast. After 3 weekends of crazy hills, the Trail Hog 10k, 10 miles in San Francisco and the Drag-N-Fly 10k last week, a fairly flat coastal run was just what the doctor (or in my case: my legs) requested. Maybe I wouldn’t have called it “fairly flat” a month ago, there were rolling hills, but, yeah, tiny compared some more recent ones. 🙂

We had some awesome views of the coast, but were also flying fast along the route, so didn’t stop quite as much as usual to take photos.

This was our last long run before the Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon in 3 weeks. We ended the run with another ice-bath in the ocean, Yup, even the ice-bath in the ocean needs to be trained for. 🙂

And one last photo. Still exploring the panorama function on my iPhone. Very interesting when you have the waves move while taking the panorama picture.