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2012 Race Planning


Hmmm, are 10 races this year too many? How do I decide where I want to run? So many fun places to go to: Midnight Sun race in Norway, races in Dublin, Lisbon, Las Vegas, Montreal… It’s so much fun when I can dream up my race and travel plans. What more fun can racing be when you can see new cities or known cities in a new light?

Well, 2 destinations are set: Edinburgh and San Francisco. I am really digging the Midnight Sun race in Norway – anyone want to join me?

What other race ideas are missing? I did consider an African desert run, it’s still out there… maybe, maybe…


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7 thoughts on “2012 Race Planning

  1. I’m stepping up my races this year, first half marathon in February, First 20miler in March and first marathon in April…then a pause to evaluate. I expect to get to around 5 or 6 for the full year so 10 sounds sensible.

  2. When you are in Edinburgh, for a treat post-run you should check out Central fish and chips, in Old Town, 16 Teviot Place. If you like that sort of thing. I haven’t been there since the early 1990s, but from google maps it looks to have taken over the nextdoor storefront, so the deep-fried double cheeseburger must be as good as ever! Just down the road from Edinburgh Castle, north of lush Warrender Park.

  3. I was going to do the Rock ‘n Roll but it’s the same day as the Glenlivet 10k which is down as being one of the most beautiful races in Scotland. I’ll decide whether the views are worth it afterwards! 🙂

  4. 10 races a year is TOTALLY not too much. Which Edinburgh event are you doing. I’ll be at the half marathon in May!

    • Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll. I did the EMF last year. The route was fast but not pretty (I like pretty routes! 🙂 ) and they need to work on their medal… Good luck to you!

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