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Fame and Glory


HA! There you go, rain! I found a moment of dry skies yesterday and did my “next level” run (or so I thought).

I reached the next level – the green level – on my NIKE+ profile. And here I was waiting for stars to shine, fireworks to go off and all, but nothing happened. My profile background changed to green (so much easier on the eye than orange) and that was IT!

I may need to explain. With my NIKE+ GPS watch purchase last October I became a NIKE+ addict, a miles junkie, logging each and every mile. Don’t even want to go to the gym for any workout that doesn’t let me log miles. I obviously need help!

Now I reached the green level, meaning I logged a mere 250km on my GPS watch since my purchase (no idea why NIKE+ is counting in km…).

And guess what my status says today: 465 miles (not km, don’t ask me…) to reach the blue level. WHAT???

Fame & Glory, said my friend, is what you get! Oh my. I will stop being a miles junkie, stop talking about my NIKE+ GPS watch, stop logging each and every mile, sign up for that yoga class on Sunday, until…. I reach another 465 miles I guess…


Author: tatjana.k

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2 thoughts on “Fame and Glory

  1. I’ve been excited about getting to different colors on Nike+, too! It’s also fun to join a bunch of challenges to see how you can do compared to other runners.

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