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A runner's breakfast


What’s a good runner’s breakfast?

Not a pre-race or post-race breakfast, just a regular every morning breakfast?

I have been sipping protein shakes blended with fruit for a while now. Occasionally, I have a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut better. Both serve me well during the morning. And, of course, as of two days ago I am adding flax seeds.

From comments on my past two blogs I can list some other breakfast options:

  • natural sugar-free granola with natural Greek style yoghurt
  • quick-cooking oats with a tsp of brown sugar and cut up strawberries
  • supplement of black currant seed oil capsules

I am going to start mixing it up now between the protein shake, granola with yoghurt and oats with fruit. I am also going to check out black currant seed oil.

What other great runner’s breakfast do you eat?


Author: tatjana.k

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9 thoughts on “A runner's breakfast

  1. I love greek yogurt…fave yogurt right now is the blood orange Chobani. I like to put a little honey and also add chia seeds to it. Also I love oatmeal, I could eat it every morning for breakfast. Love boiled eggs for protein. And peanut butter is also a great staple!

  2. Some mornings I do straight up eggs and whole wheat toast! Variety is crucial because you never want to feel stuck eating boring stuff:) In my opinion, you can pretty much eat whatever you feel like within reason. Whole grain french toast and pancakes are nice treats too!

  3. My go to breakfast is oats and orange juice. I’m gluten free, so my choices are limited a little, but I generally have best luck with gf oats (which only take about 5 minutes to cook in a microwave) with a little splenda and some blueberries. That will fuel any kind of run, including races and longs for me.

  4. Thanks for the breakfast tips. I always just eat a yogurt or gronala bar, but never feel satisfied. Now I know what to try 🙂 PS I agree with the coffee comment. I need coffee!!!

  5. I eat oatmeal 6 days out of 7 for breakfast. I like it with a bit of honey and dried apricots. Sometimes I sprinkle nesquick on top for some added sweetness. I find it very filling and it gives me a great start to the day. And I always have a cup of coffee (no sugar) and a glass of orange juice with it.

  6. Nothing quite as fancy, but I do start with a fruit smoothie (2 of my 5 a day done straight out of bed) – then add a Berocca vitamin supplement drink (lazy approach to making sure I get what I need) and then espresso and cereal if I’m at home or a cheeky bacon sandwich if I’m in the office. Oh, an normally ibuprofren and glucosamine!

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