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Running – Eating – Living Healthy
Running – Eating – Living Healthy

Running – Eating – Living Healthy

Great discussion yesterday on breakfast choices. I had oats for the first time yesterday with honey and banana. Filled me up for the whole morning and then some. Wow!

My goal for this year is to strike a fine balance between my running and my eating and therefore follow a more healthy lifestyle.

I have been running endurance races since 2008, but I am one of the rare breed who managed to add weight whilst training for a marathon. I overestimated the calories I ran off, most likely ate the wrong recovery foods, and as a result always felt hungry and ate again.

This year, I am reversing the trend and am re-evaluating my food intake and trying to eat better foods that actually keep my stuffed. In January I focused on finding my happy pace in running again. Last year’s races left me a little fatigued. I am back on track here (bar the sudden cold weather) and a happy runner again.

I have changed some of my eating habits, adding a serving of fruit and low-fat yoghurt as a desert to my lunches and I am surprised to note that this combination leaves me feel full longer. Even after a long run! Yoghurt and berries are 2 of my 5 February foods, so this works out well.

Next week I am going to tackle proteins I think…

Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands. -Clint Eastwood