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Finally snow!


YEAH!! I did my first snow run this morning. It was beautiful. Some other runners out there who also looked blissfully happy. Smiles all around! πŸ™‚


Snow along my running path


Author: tatjana.k

explorer | runner | hiker | marketer | with opinions | coffee-lover | seeking adventures in everyday life

14 thoughts on “Finally snow!

  1. I knew there is a reason why you have a Russian name… You are actually glad of snow…

  2. Cool! Snow runs are a ton of fun. Glad you got to enjoy it.

  3. Five an half inches of snow hear tricky to walk in let alone run in, I too went sledding instead, huge fun.

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  5. What a happy, fired-up post! the victorious joy of having the run done, and not letting anything stop you. Not to mention the hot shower and steaming cup of coffee waiting at the end. Congrats!

  6. You are a brave soul! Awesome ! I’m glad you enjoyed the run πŸ™‚

  7. We have enough of snow, too. An it’s -20 degrees. Far to cold I think. I’m looking forward to spring!

  8. I had a 13+ miler planned this morning but I’m not doing that in this snow! Not worth an injury so I’m taking the sled out instead πŸ˜‰

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