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A long hike


This week’s long run was turned into a long hike.

The original plan was to go for a hike on Saturday and then do the long run on Sunday, but my legs are hurting.

Our hike yesterday took us to the beautiful Cotswolds in the Heart of England. It was the most beautiful countryside hike I have done in a long while. We had swans flying over our heads, horses galloping in the snow, sheep grazing and cows doing whatever cows are doing.

Hiking in the snow was amazing. Though it was cold (-10C), we didn’t feel it much with the winter sun warming the blue sky. It was a fairly hilly 10-mile hike and today my legs feel pretty much like they ran a half marathon.

So, I’ll be putting my legs up today. Rest. Enjoying the memories of a great day out.

Happy Sunday!

The Cotswolds

Hiking through the snow in the beautiful Cotswolds


Author: tatjana.k

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2 thoughts on “A long hike

  1. Wow, that looks beautiful. Sunshine seems to make cold weather bearable! πŸ™‚

  2. Good for you to know that you’ve done enough with the hike. Hiking can take a lot out of you! Enjoy the rest day!

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