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Running is better than thinking about running


This morning I was not motivated to go for a run. My butt hurt, my legs hurt. I just didn’t want to move. The double work-out yesterday, legs-bums-tums and a 4-mile hill run (well, treadmill hills) left me a little steam-less this morning.

So I logged on very early to my work computer (I work from home) and chatted to one of my colleagues about not being motivated to run. His response was: “Running is better than thinking about running. Go out!”.

Off I went (nothing like a motivational speech from a colleague or friend).

I decided to explore a different route (we are back in double digits: 11C). I run a lot on a trail and miss out on some road training, so I was looking for a route with some roads. I found one across the river.

Running the new route brought back all my running spirits. I talked to strangers and to dogs (I am not a dog person, so another new thing) and smiled at some different runners.

Sometimes, all we need is just someone who cares enough about us to nudge us into the direction we know we should go… A happy day, thanks to my colleague R.

And on the weekend I will explore another new route for the long run! 🙂



Author: tatjana.k

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4 thoughts on “Running is better than thinking about running

  1. Totally understand you on this one! I spend far too long thinking and not doing. I think I over-plan my running. It should be more spontaneous.

  2. I’ll take your post as a nudge to stop reading about running and just go running.

  3. What a great mantra. I will remember that one, and next time when I am only ‘thinking about’ running, (and procrastinating about whether I’d rather watch ‘The Biggest Loser’ or get off my arse and do something!) I will ‘do’ running! I had hills today, but thanks to the milder weather I enjoyed mine outside for a wonderful change. Looking forward to a Lincolnshire fresh air half marathon for my long run on Sunday. Hope you enjoy yours. Thanks for the inspiration! Cat x

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