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The long run… and a new energy source found…


Yesterday I had planned a long run. I wasn’t too picky on the distance as long as it was over 10 miles. 10-12 miles was my goal.

Y and I headed out to Richmond Park in the morning. As we were heading toward the middle of the park, we saw the parkrun group coming our way. We still haven’t joined them. It’s a 2-mile run for me to get to the park. It seems too much of an effort to take the bus or bike only to run a 5k…


We started off in perfect running weather, cold enough to feel cool during the run, warm enough not to get too cold. Cloudy. About 5 miles into the run, of course it started to rain., you got it wrong again. I am seriously reconsidering our friendship, again… It wasn’t supposed to rain until later that day!

It felt quite refreshing though…

Y still challenges me during our long runs and she isn’t even training for a race. After we got quite wet though, she asked for an early stop. So after 9.5 miles we stopped. I had a hot chocolate and a chocolate brownie. We chatted. As we were ready to leave the cafe, the weather changed again and the sun came out in full swing. Y decided to take the bus back home. I decided to run back.

As I was getting closer to home, I felt strong and not ready yet to stop, so I extended my run a little more. Sometimes we’ll just have to take the days as they come. Eventually, I added another 5 miles to the 9.5 miles and ended up with a 14.5-mile run yesterday. That’s my longest distance since the summer of 2010.

I was feeling pretty good and now have a new energy secret. A hot chocolate and a chocolate brownie will pick you up. Forget Gatorade. Forget GU. I wonder if I could get race organizers to add a hot chocolate and brownie aid station at mile 9.5? πŸ™‚

Remember the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.
~ Sarah Condor


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18 thoughts on “The long run… and a new energy source found…

  1. Congratulations – you make me feel guilty for not getting out there yesterday. I just ordered some Chia seeds – have you tried them?

  2. I know my stomach wouldn’t like the hot chocolate, but I can see how the brownie helped. In my last marathon I carried a chocolate chip cookie with me to eat somewhere around mile 18, but it was so hot out that it got mushy after dumping water over my head at each aid station.
    In your next race, try bringing that brownie!

  3. i would puke my guts out after eating that and then running again! LOL CONGRATS on the run!

  4. Congrats on your run! Brownie and the hot chocolate sounds fantastic. I’d be happy to sign a petition…

  5. Love your post today! So glad you ran back. Funny too, I didn’t get to read it until after I wrote about my long run today. Very fitting too. Great job on the distance!

  6. Nice work! I love the idea of hot chocolate and a brownie during a race … yum!

    • Actually, the NIKE Women’s Marathon in San Francisco has a chocolate mile sponsored by Ghiradelli. Mile 21 to be precise… (but usually at that point I want a steak…)

  7. Congratualtions on that mileage, and your fuel is right up my street! Yummy! πŸ™‚

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