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Frozen yoghurt – or a trip to Ben and Jerry's…


Well, I am not a master chef, but I get by in the kitchen. The things that I can’t figure out are the ones that intrigue me. You may remember my first attempt on making frozen yoghurt with… wait for it… gasp… with yoghurt!

Some of you commented on trying to freeze bananas and then whisk them up when frozen. The texture and taste would be similar to frozen yoghurt.

It sounded like a great idea (I like bananas). The only thing is that I don’t ever follow recipes fully, so I took your advise on freezing bananas, but…

I added some… wait for it… gasp… yoghurt. But really, only like 2 tablespoons full of yoghurt. Bananas were still the main base. Then I added some almond butter and some honey. Whisked it all up and put it in the freezer. Doesn’t it sound just delicious?


No, you won’t break anything, but you won’t get frozen banana-yoghurt either…

Frozen solid it comes out of the freezer again. Defeated I asked my friend Google for help. Google came back with the following suggestions:

  • Freezing yoghurt doesn’t make frozen yoghurt. Geez, thanks, Google, we got this far…
  • You’ll need an ice-cream maker or frozen yoghurt maker.
  • You could try whisk up a yoghurt/fruit base, then put it in the freezer, but take it out every hour and whisk again. Apparently, this will make it a little smoother (sounds like a lot of work to me).
  • Or you whisk up your yoghurt/fruit base, then add ice and keep whisking and when cold enough serve straight away. Don’t freeze. This one sounds like the best option if you want to eat it straight away.

I may just keep chipping on my solid frozen yoghurt and once gone head out to get some Ben & Jerry’s. πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.
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Author: tatjana.k

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11 thoughts on “Frozen yoghurt – or a trip to Ben and Jerry's…

  1. haha I love that. The recipe sounds delicious so hopefully it melts fast so you can enjoy it! I’ve never tried to make frozen yogurt but I would probably just buy Ben & Jerry’s and call it a day.

  2. You had me chuckling with your experience! Very frustrating I am sure. Maybe you can improvise – buy frozen vanilla yoghurt and and the bananas, almond butter and honey. Semi-homemade?

  3. I like to put frozen strawberries and bananas in the blender with about a half cup of unsweetened almond milk and a bit of greek yogurt and mix it up. It tastes like a sorbet or frozen yogurt. You can refreeze it, then just leave it in the fridge for a little while when you want to eat it again and it will soften up. πŸ™‚

  4. Who knew that frozen + yogurt β‰  frozen yogurt!

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