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Running in Budapest


My long weekend trip over Easter took me to Budapest, Hungary. My training plan had a 6-mile run scheduled  for Saturday, so what a better way to explore a new city while running?

I was traveling with my running buddy S and we picked Margaret Island for our run. It was perfect.

Running on Margaret Island in Budapest, Hungary

If you ever find yourself in Budapest, head out to Margaret Island for a run. We ran from the hotel along the river Danube to the island and were surprised to see an approx. 5k running track on the island. Needless to say, we saw plenty of other runners and it made us feel right at home.

The island sits in the middle of the river Danube and is pretty much mostly a park with plenty of green and a few sights to take in, among them ruins of a medieval church and convent and a 100-year old Water Tower.

I need to sort through my 400 photos, but am sure to share some pictures of the beautiful city of Budapest. It is a magnificent city and even the cold couldn’t take the beauty away. (Darn you,!).

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

~ Henry Miller


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2 thoughts on “Running in Budapest

  1. well done !!

  2. Wow, it looks beautiful there! Looking forward to some more photos! 🙂

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