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Finally… some photos from Budapest


I promised some photos from Budapest. Here they are.

I start off with my favorite pic.

Budapest - just before sunset. My favorite picture.

It was pretty cold. I think I alreday mentioned this (that’s how I got a cold…). But we did get some lovely sunshine and I couldn’t get enough of taking pictures at night. Budapest lights up by night.

Matthias Church in the Castle district

We stayed in the Castle district, so most photo opportunities from there…

Budapest Castle

The best view over the Chain Bridge and St Stephen’s Basilica was from where the funicular stopped next to the Royal Palace.

Taken from the Royal Palace

And this is what St Stephen’s Basilica looks like in daylight. The lift up the tower was unfortunately out of order, so we didn’t go up. At this point we were frozen and craving hot chocolate.

St Stephen's Basilica

And this is what St Stephen’s Basilica looks like inside. It is a pretty impressive cathedral.

St Stephens' Basilica

The Parliament. We saw it the first day in the rain and had to come back for some sunny pictures.

The Parliament in Pest

I liked Old Buda, too.

Old Buda

This is the town hall in Old Buda. Old Buda or Obuda, is part of the city of Budapest which consists of Buda, Pest and Obuda.

Old Buda Town Hall

And of course, no visit to Hungary without getting some paprika.

Hungarian paprika

And a last picture for today. I can just hear the 2 dolls in the middle (red and blue dress) gossiping about all the other dolls.


Hope you enjoyed these photos.

Happy Friday!


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8 thoughts on “Finally… some photos from Budapest

  1. My hubs went to Budapest a few years ago on business trip and took loads of pics…your pics are awesome…the architecture in Budapest is beautiful!

  2. Love these! I’ve never been to Budapest, it’s so lovely!

  3. gorgeous photos!! i went to hungary once, it was years ago, though. i remember thinking it was such a beautiful place and your pics are totally reaffirming that notion. seems like you had a lovely time. even though you’re sick now =(

    i’ve had a cold for a couple weeks now, it’s certainly NO FUN at all. i really hope you get better asap!

  4. Wonderful photos! I have always wanted to visit Budapest!

  5. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful city!

  6. Dang. We’re driving to a race in a little Texas town down the road and thought it was quite exotic. Thanks a LOT!

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