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I would run 500 miles…


… and I would run 500 more.

After my workout (3x Yasso 800s tempo runs) yesterday morning, my NIKE+ GPS watch talked to me again! Another record!

Stars shining!

Music playing!

Bells ringing!

I completed 500 miles since I bought the NIKE+ GPS watch in October last year! That’s not too shabby and makes me hopeful that I can run 1000 miles just this year. 394 of those 500 miles I ran this year, so I am on track. 606 miles to go…

April was the month with the fewest miles run this year, only 71 miles. Bad weather, traveling, a cold were part of the reason. However, I also substituted some longer weekday runs with shorter tempo and interval runs to work on my speed. Only a month to go until the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and I would love to run a PR.

How is your training progressing?

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more

~ The Proclaimers


Author: tatjana.k

explorer | runner | hiker | marketer | with opinions | coffee-lover | seeking adventures in everyday life

4 thoughts on “I would run 500 miles…

  1. Well done! I think the Proclaimers may have underestimated the distance they said they’d walk to be at some chick’s front door..

  2. Wow!!! That’s amazing! Well done 🙂

    I’ve moved from C25K to B210K with ease. I am so glad that I am enjoying running! I really love reading the blogs of those of you that run things like 1/2 marathons… one day… gotta get through that first 5K in June!

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