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Of deer, sprinklers and dead snakes…


Running in Austin is always a treat for me.

Since I left Austin nearly 2 years ago, I have been missing my running friends and running routes (my other friends, too) and all the small little running encounters.

This weekend I am lucky enough to catch up with all of Austin. (well, some of it).

I love seeing the urban deer in the neighborhoods and running with them. Yesterday’s 12-miler took us to a neighbor hood where all streets had the same name and all housed looked the same. I have never run here before, it was just mind-blowing that we didn’t get lost (or for that matter that people who live there, find their home every day…).

We started the run very early in the morning with clouds, a little wind and humidity that was surprisingly not bad (coming from London where most mornings I wake up to humidity over 90%). The sun broke out and it got fairly warm and I want to thank the people who put on their sprinklers early in the morning so that we could run through to cool down. (Sorry for mocking your neighborhood!)

The run went great, chatted with team and as we were trotting along, the conversation was like “blah blah blah dead snake blah”. Eek. I don’t like snakes. Dead or alive. I totally freaked, jumped about 6 feet high to not step on the dead snake. I didn’t even see it until my friends warned me not to step on it. Note to self, keep eyes on road and watch out for dead snakes. Surprisingly something I don’t do in London… 😉

Great run with the team, great conversations and a mini adventure – a perfect weekend run!

Happy running.



Author: tatjana.k

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6 thoughts on “Of deer, sprinklers and dead snakes…

  1. Austin is one of my favorite cities! Glad you are enjoying yourself. I thought London didn’t have snakes… Or did St Patrick only chase the out of Ireland? 😉

  2. I’m so jealous!! I can’t wait until I’m back in Houston in October! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday!

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