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It looked beautiful

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You will be proud of me, I think…

I braved the weather yesterday and got out for a run. It was a short run, 3 miles. It was great! I noticed some changes on my running trail:

  • It’s more and more overgrown. It doesn’t look attended to at all (Where does my council tax money go to?). However, on the positive, the large shrubs and trees kept the drizzle off the ground and kept me dry.
  • It felt GREAT to be running again!
  • I smiled at other runners ad walkers and noticed that while it’s raining or drizzling, people don’t smile back.
  • Everything was GREEN. It looked beautiful.
  • Some purple flowers were blossoming and I wished I had had my camera with me.

Now I am pretty sure I am good now for all my upcoming runs. The running world has me back. 🙂 I need to sign up for more races this year!

Happy running!


Author: tatjana.k

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One thought on “It looked beautiful

  1. yay! glad to hear it! sorry i’ve been MIA lately, but i enjoy reading your posts via e-mail! happy blogging AND running! 🙂

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