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Hit me baby one more time…

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I always thought of myself as an 8os girl.

Today I learned that I am a 90s girl. Take That, The Spice Girls, Steps have been blaring out of my TV as I was doing some much-needed clearing out this evening. I confess to having been a huge Take That fan (not so much the Spice Girls), but I liked hearing some other not quite as obvious 90s favorites like a cover version of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day and Cher’s Believe.

Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” brought a huge grin to my face.

Yes, Britney couldn’t be missed and “Hit me baby one more time” reminded me that I didn’t go for my run today. This is one of my songs on my iPod (that I rarely use nowadays, but hearing the song always makes me want to run…)

Finally, we are in 1999 and the Backstreet Boys  and Ricky Martin have their first appearance. La vida loca… sigh… LOL

All these song remind me of fun times back in the 90s. It’s great to listen to all these songs. My taste in music is completely different now. I listen to a very different type of music today and I wonder what will happen when I listen to the hits of 00s in 10 years? Will I become a 00s girl? 🙂

Happy Friday!


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One thought on “Hit me baby one more time…

  1. I’m stuck in the 80’s this week with the soundtrack from Rock of Ages… love the music… ran to it last night and it made it fun 🙂

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