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"Yeah, baby. That's it!"


Yesterday evening I went on a walking tour themed “crime and punishment in Old London”. I like the gory stories of old London (or any old city really)… Don’t worry I am not going to recount the stories…

I could hardly believe it, the sun came out for the walk. It was amazing.

Royal Court of Justice

One of my favorite buildings in the City of London, the Royal Court of Justice, was at the start of our walk – after we already heard some gory stories including the one of Sweeney Todd. Did he really live or is his life just a fabricated story?

We walked along Fleet Street which mostly consists of modern buildings as this street was heavily destroyed in the war. But I really like this tiny little building that looks like it has been squeezed in…

On Fleet Street

The walk took us through the City of London and we passed St Bride’s Church which was destroyed numerous times and rebuild. After the Great Fire of London Christopher Wren rebuilt the church and included the tiered spire which – allegedly – inspired the tiered wedding cake.

The story goes like this: An apprentice baker fell in love with the master baker’s daughter. He was looking for inspiration for a wedding cake for their wedding when he walked past St Brides Church, saw the spire and thought : “Yeah, baby. That’s it!” Or whatever they said back in the days…

St Brides Church

We got to the end of this walk and it had been a glorious evening until we reached our final stop, Smithfield. The sky opened up again, but you know what? When you are out on a fun walk and hear gory stories, rain is not really the worst that could happen…

You could have lived in medieval times and been burnt at the stake or hanged or quartered. Apparently, a chef even got boiled for serving a not so perfect dinner… So, what’s a little rain, right?

Our final stop was the old entrance way to the church of St Bartholomew-the-Great built in the 13th century.

Archway to St Bartholomew-the-Great

Today, the sun is out and begging me to come out and play. That’s what I will do.

Have a great weekend!


Author: tatjana.k

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5 thoughts on “"Yeah, baby. That's it!"

  1. Wow, what an awesome walk! Thanks for taking us with you. Loved the story about the wedding cake.

  2. LOVE the pics, thanks! And, while I’m familiar with both Sweeney Todd and Christopher Wren, I’m now going to look them up and re-learn something new today!

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