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River of Music Festival


As part of the ongoing Olympic festivals, BT hosted a River of Music Festival this past weekend at several locations in London.

VT River of Music

6 stages across London covered music from around the world. Entrance was free (bar a controversial booking fee if you booked tickets online) and the weather god was finally on our side.

My friend and I with the Olympic Rings

It was a 2-day festival. I only went on Sunday and only visited one stage. The weather was finally so beautiful that I loved the idea of hanging out in Battersea Park and listen to some music.On the walk to the park, we saw one of the gigantic Olympic Ring installations on the river. Another Olympic photo opportunity.

Kronos Quartet

Battersea Park hosted the Asia stage and we were treated by a performance of an Emmy-Award-Winner. I saw 3 different performances and liked the one with the Kronos Quartet and Emmy-Award-winning Vietnamese composer/zither player Van-Anh Vo best.

Emmy Award-winning Vietnamese composer/zither player Van-Anh Vo

The Kronos Quartet sounded like modern classical or in other words pop/rock going classical. I don’t know if that helps you but they sounded good, very modern with obvious influences from around the world.

They were soon joined by Van-Anh Vo who brought the sounds of Vietnam into the modern mix. I liked it a lot!

It was a great atmosphere in Battersea Park and there was space for many more people. A shame that not more people made it out there. Maybe the ticket-situation didn’t help. I never booked a ticket beforehand and was just able to walk in. I think some of the more popular stages at Tower Bridge and Somerset House were requiring tickets. Maybe this just made it all too confusing?

I had a great time and finally caught some sun, too! 🙂

Happy Monday!


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  1. Sounds great & love your pic

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