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Olympic Cycling Road Race – Men


Yesterday I walked up to Richmond Park with my parents who are here to visit for the Olympics to watch the Men’s Olympic Cycling Road Race.

My Olympic viewing events seem to go like this – I am going to call it event viewing circle of life: I get to the viewing point that I selected in advance. Depending on where it is it may take me quite a walk or a journey on the underground. Only the torch relays in Kew and on the river were pretty much on my doorsteps.

Once you get to the designated viewing destination – making sure to get there very early to grab a good spot – you have another hour’s wait or so, then the event happens and if you blink you miss it. 🙂

Watching the cycling was great fun, but it was over in like a blink of an eye.

We followed the above event viewing circle of life:

  • Walked for an hour to get to the event venue.
  • Arrived early to get a great viewing spot.
  • Waited for over an hour for the cyclist to come by.
  • Cyclist raced by – hope you didn’t blink.

The weather was perfect. The atmosphere was great. This is what this stretch of Richmond Park looked like when we arrived.

About an hour before the cyclist raced by

Finally,  the cyclist came.
Here are the first three cyclist that I caught on camera. I think they were actually the first three as they passed us. (Great camera skills… LOL)

First three cyclists racing by

Then the winner of the race – Alexandr Vinokurov – raced by.

Alexandr Vinokurov

A second motorcycle camera team passed and the crowds went wild. Guess who was coming next?

Crowds going wild (with their cameras)

Of course, Team GB was about to enter the scene.
Bradley Wiggins wasn’t quite performing to the expectations of the crowds. But, hey, cut the man some slack. He just cycled 3 weeks through mountains…

Team GB

Followed by Team Germany, followed by more Team GB.

Team Germany

Today is the women’s road race. Off to go and take some snaps again. 🙂


Author: tatjana.k

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6 thoughts on “Olympic Cycling Road Race – Men

  1. Excellent! I’m getting to “see” the Olympics through your eyes. The men’s race was great!

  2. Some great pictures there 🙂 I watched it on the T.V and it was nail-biting stuff.

  3. Thank you for sharing! How exciting to be there.

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