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Tourist Mandeville


My new favorite Olympic mascot sculptures (until I find Punk Wenlock…) is Tourist Mandeville.

Tourist Mandeville is located south of the river opposite Houses of Parliaments. Pretty cute. He resonates a lot with me probably because I have been exploring London and the Olympics like a tourist (I am at around 1000 photos…). It was a great decision to take some time off work to enjoy the Olympics.

Still searching for Punk Wenlock

Tourist Mandeville


Author: tatjana.k

explorer | runner | hiker | marketer | with opinions | coffee-lover | seeking adventures in everyday life

6 thoughts on “Tourist Mandeville

  1. Very good decision to take time off work for the Olympics – a once in a lifetime chance! From this side of the water I have to say: Ya’ll did a bang-up job! Classy all the way!

  2. There is a gold one in the 2012 shop in Hyde Park! I had not realised they are scattered over
    London if only I had time to come in and do a hunt. Glad to find someone else as Olympic mad as me although my madness involves watching it all on the TV-until tomorrow when I have tickets!!!

    • LOL. I have seen plenty of Olympic-crazy people! I must have missed Wenlock at the Hyde Park shop. Am out there again tomorrow to watch the Men’s Triathlon, so will look out. Thanks! What will you see tomorrow?

  3. Even though this little guy is cute, i think i still like the pirate one! 😛

  4. He’s a cute, cycloptic creature 🙂

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