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Olympic Women's Triathlon


The women’s Olympic Triathlon happened on Saturday and I finally managed to upload my photos. For once I didn’t have a front row view, but was four people in. However, I had a great view of all three disciplines, swimming, cycling and running.

I have never watched a triathlon, nor have I completed one. It was far more fun to watch than I thought. I did notice though that the athletes were pretty bulky and none of them had boobs (am I allowed to comment on that?). Therefore, probably not a sport I will take up.

If you look at the pictures, you can see the athletes first swim on the other side of the Serpentines in Hyde Park. Look at how many spectators came out.

Then they turned around right in front of me (I stood 200 meters away from the transition zone).

Obviously, you can see who is leading… 😉

This was my attempt to catch a photo of the lead athlete so that I could indeed recognize her later, but no luck here either.

I wasn’t much more lucky with the cycling. They cycled by 6 times and I missed the lead group pretty much every time.

My last attempt was getting a good shot of the lead group at the running and this finally worked out fine. They passed by 4 times. This is after the first round.

I was actually in a really great spot. Not only did I get a great view of all disciplines, but because I was so close to the transition zone, I could hear the commentary and knew what was going on at all times.

The running part got quite exciting at the end. The lead group wasn’t in the mood for wasting medals. The top 3 stayed so close together that the winner needed to be determined by a photo. That is pretty cool. Nicola Spirig from Switzerland won the gold medal in the end.

Rather unfortunate for one athlete (not in the lead group and I purposely did not take a photo), her running suit had a broken seam in an unfortunate location showing her butt to all spectators. The spectators kept fairly quiet and I hope the athlete only found out after the race. It would have been rather uncomfortable running the race while knowing her butt was hanging out…


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9 thoughts on “Olympic Women's Triathlon

  1. It was an amazing finish! 😉
    I didn’t realize the Triathlon was such a recent addition. Wow.

  2. Thanks for the pics and the commentary!! I feel like I’m right there with you 🙂

  3. Wow…phenomenal times! You have had the BEST viewing! Love reading about the events from your point of view.

  4. This is awesome! What a great experience you had. Do you happen to know what the winning time is? Also, do you know what the distances were? I know Olympic distance has a 10k run, but what was the swim and bike?

    • 1500 meter swim, 43km bike ride, 10k run. The triathlon was only added to the Olympics in 2000 in Sydney. The finishing time at London 2012 was 1:59:48 (for both gold and silver – photo-finish) and 1:59:50 for bronze.

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