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So, running… and my plan…


I ran over 10 miles last week. I think that’s about as much as I ran in July altogether. That’s an improvement, right?

I have this plan that I am preparing. It will start on September 1st and will last 6 weeks. I am going back on a controlled diet (I am thinking the New York diet, but haven’t made a final decision yet) and I am working out a training plan that incorporates more strength training and cycling (Thanks, Terri Lee for the tip and for your posts! I love reading them!).

So, there it is out in the open.

My Plan.

Don’t you worry. I will continue to give you the close up on the Paralympics, too. But now that I told you about my plan I feel much better, because now I have to do it! It’s all in the name of good health and maybe, just maybe, it will help me with a PR that I am still working to reach this year.

Face new challenges, seize new opportunities, test your resources against the unknown and in the process, discover your own unique potential.

~ John Amatt


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5 thoughts on “So, running… and my plan…

  1. Good luck! I always find I can stick better to a training plan and any goals I have set for myself 🙂 what day are you going to the paralympics?

  2. Thanks! Keep us posted on the program! Yesterday I managed to swim 10 laps…took over 20 minutes, and I was gasping at each end of the pool, but I did it!

  3. Thank you! I too have not been running much and my eating/drinking habits have been atrocious during the Olympics. Just recently I decided that after bank holiday I am going on a strict healthy eating diet and starting my training for the marathon (I know early…but I can only run 1 mile at the moment). Thanks for the inspiration…I feel like I am not alone 🙂

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