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9 miles


As I left the house and joined the Thames path for my long run this morning, I saw a lonely 2km mile kilometer marker. It was very lonely as I never saw a 1km or 3km marker. Well, I left the path to head into Richmond Park where I was greeted by lots and lots of cyclists. There are always plenty of cyclists (and runners) in Richmond Park, but I guess something else was going.

I am totally not synched up with what’s going on around me in my own neighborhood. I crossed path with 2 races last weekend (at least, I knew of one!), but today…? I didn’t actually see any race runners, they may still be hiding…

As I finished my 9 (9.33 to be precise) mile run, I headed to my hidden exercise area for some stretching and strength straining. But what did I find? Nothing. The tree stumps that are so perfect for weight training were gone. Did someone clean up?

My run turned out to be great (it didn’t feel this way though while I was running), but my average pace was over 30 seconds faster than on the 7-mile run last weekend. Maybe healthful food is giving me more energy. HAPPY! 🙂

Got home in time to see the elite finish of the Great North Run on TV. Wilson Kipsang stole the victory at the finish line. Great finish to watch.

Now, it’s time to relax. Happy Sunday!


Author: tatjana.k

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3 thoughts on “9 miles

  1. I love running in Richmond Park, the possibility of seeing deer make me keep going up that awful steep hill!

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