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Making healthy choices – 6 healthful habits

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A healthful diet starts with making healthy choices every day.

The questions I had to ask myself in order to break my habits were the following:

  1. How does your breakfast look like? Your lunch? Your dinner?
  2. Are you getting enough protein, the right carbs and the right fats in your main meals?
  3. What kind of snacks do you eat?
  4. What happens when you get home late, you are really tired and hungry?


These were fundamental questions that I had to answer first to move to being able to make better choices.

I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Looking at it closely though, I noticed they were too high in carbs (lots of bread), too low in protein and to few veggies and fruit. I managed about 3-4 portions of veggies and fruit each day. Not too bad, but not great either.

Snacks was another culprit of mine. I indulged in chocolate and salty snacks. Though there are some merits in eating a little dark chocolate, I ate way too much.

Then came the worst of my offenders: coming home late, tired and hungry. I would opt for comfort food: pizza, sandwich, anything that didn’t involve much cooking activity.

Looking at my behavior, I realized there is lots of room for improvement. I didn’t want to go on a full blown restrictive diet. My goal was – and still is – finding a way to eat healthy for the rest of my live. Really, finding a better relationship with food. I came up with the following 6 habits I wanted to change:

  1. cut down on unrefined carbs. No more bread!
  2. eat organic wherever possible – fruit, veggies and meat.
  3. eat LOTS of fruit and vegetable. Go for 7 a day!
  4. use nuts and fruit as snacks.
  5. don’t eat any processed food. Yes, this includes pizza!
  6. only eat lean meats.


If you are looking to change your eating habits to more healthful habits, have a look what you are eating now. Keep a food diary and answer the above 4 questions. Be honest to yourself!


Author: tatjana.k

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