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Getting out of the comfort zone

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In my last post I talked about changing habits. Changing habits is different from changing attitude. Changing habits means doing things differently than you have in the past. There is only one way to do that: you need to get out of your comfort zone!

I am sure that most of you have seen this image (I am not sure of the exact source, but it’s not mine):

This is a great illustration. There are endless opportunities in life that we don’t pursue, because we are sometimes too scared to leave our comfort zone.

Leaving our comfort zone means, we may fail, we may be criticized, we will have to face our fears. But it also means, we are alive, we may create something new, something magic, we are able to follow a long lost dream. Isn’t this worth leaving our comfort zone for?

I am reading the book “The Tools” by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels at the moment and here is a quote from the book that I find quite poignant:

“If you’re shy or avoid people, then you lose the vitality that comes with a sense of community. If you’re creative but can’t tolerate criticism, then you avoid selling your ideas to the marketplace. If you’re a leader but you can’t confront people, no one will follow you.”

As you are trying to change habits, trying to make changes to parts of your life, you will need to get out your comfort zone. You will need to embrace the challenges that come with it. Learn to welcome these challenges, see them as valuable feedback. Know that as you embrace the zone outside your comfort zone that magic can happen!


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