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The Price of going Organic

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Here is the old argument why people chose, NOT to eat organic: it’s expensive. More expensive than eating conventionally grown food.

I disagree.

3 weeks ago I embarked on a renewed healthy living journey. This time with much more rigor and boldness than ever before. In my recent post on making healthy choices, I commented on that I am going to eat organic food wherever and whenever possible.

I found that I have been spending much less money on my food since. First of all, I am not buying any unhealthy snacks anymore, that, of course, makes a huge difference. But what I found more surprising is that I am actually spending less money on produce. I used to buy pre-packaged vegetables and fruit  as the supermarket didn’t offer lose produce. Often, I found that these packages were too much for me. Food spoiled and I had to throw it away.

Now I go to a whole foods store that sells organic produce lose. I can now buy only 3 tomatoes if that’s all I need or 2 apples. Since embarking on this healthful journey, I haven’t thrown any food away, nothing has spoiled. And I am spending less money.

I would go with one exception. Meat is more expensive, but I noticed it tastes better (or maybe that’s just my mind playing tricks on me, but it works either way!).

The other point of healthful organic living is avoidance of poisonous chemicals.

Think of all the pesticides and fertilizers found in conventionally grown food,  think of growth hormones, antibiotics, anti-parasite drugs found in animal products. Isn’t avoiding them worth any effort you make in healthful living?

Instead of talking about the price of going organic we should really discuss the cost of NOT going organic. That’s the thought I would like to leave you with today!


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