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Personal Transformation Part 1 – Discoveries

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When I started this blog I started with a post called New Beginnings. It marked the start of my personal transformation process. I have spent most of this year trying to identify which part of my life I want to change, but I realize now that I need to focus on my life holistically. There is not one thing that needs to change to “fix” my life. By most people’s standards I live a great life that doesn’t even need “fixing”.

However, I know that I need a change. I am not true to who I want to be. There are relationships that I need to work on, habits I need to change, new opportunities I need to create for myself.

I am in the discovery stage. You may have seen there is a lot of buzz around the blog community on happiness and healthfulness. There are a lot of different ideas and discussions happening. Connie over at A Life of Perfect Days recently started a 90-day transformation project. Though I am not following her program fully, it provides me with a lot of ideas on how to become more authentic, more true to myself.

I already shared with you one the tools I am using, which is getting out of my comfort zone. I practiced this tool this week and met some amazing and inspiring people who I will be working with to create charity events. I can’t wait to meet up with them again and get to work.

I started to journal my vision for who I want to be, my dreams. I will be sharing those over the next few months and will talk you through the tools that I am using during this personal transformation.

Right now, I am continuing to work on discoveries by getting out of my comfort zone and creating new opportunities.

Embrace the unknown!


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