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Race Recap – Köln Half Marathon


This past Sunday I ran my first half marathon in Germany (automatic country PR – I am loving it!). It was the Cologne Half Marathon (RheinEnergie Marathon Köln) and my brother ran with me. Well, in fact, he left me behind at around KM 6.

Cologne, of course, is a very pretty city. It was a great choice for a first German race.

The race day started with some confusion. Where is the start line? You’d think German efficiency would prevail, right?

To make sure that I do find the finish line, I decided right here and then that I would make sure I follow the runners in front.

Instead of mile-markers, there were kilometer-markers. Other than on a 10K run I have never had kilometer-markers. And I wasn’t sure if I would really like it. But it turned out those kilometer-markers come around rather quickly and I embraced them. Very early on I found a runner who was running a very steady pace, so I decided to follow him. I am very bad with keeping a steady pace…

Unfortunately, this runner decided not to stop at the aid stations for water, so I ended up losing him around KM 12. Luckily, there was another runner who took his place for the next 3km. After that I was on my own for pacing.

With my lack of training due to the Olympics, injuries and sickness, I was a little worried about not making it, but I did. And I did well! The course is flat, probably an ideal course for a PR (as my brother showed me). I didn’t quite PR, but it was second fastest race ever (2:21:35) and I finished with a big smile.

I also followed a clown runner for most of the race, so that made me smile, too. I didn’t have a phone on me during the run, I would have loved to get a photo of him.

Most importantly, I got my medal:

Our parents and brother congratulated us at the finish line. It was great to run with my brother again and then have the rest of the family around to celebrate. I guess, all that speaks for running more races in Germany.

Since I was doing so well in Cologne, I need to pick a new city though, so I at least can have another PR, a new city PR. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Race Recap – Köln Half Marathon

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    • Thanks so much! It was a big surprise that the race went so well after I had quite a few training set-backs this summer and autumn. Just shows us that we should never give up and keep working through the set-backs and sometimes just relax! 🙂

  2. Looks like a great city for a HM. I like the idea of new PRs for new countries, Germany here I come!

  3. nice medal! and well done 🙂 I am unfortunately not running the 10k on Saturday, I have been away racing every weekend so far in October and I have to go to Portsmouth next weekend for the Great South Run, so I decided to stay home this weekend and do BMF instead – sorry!

    • Hopefully, we get to meet up at one race later this autumn or maybe an early spring race. Are you running any other races this autumn?

  4. Thank you. It is a great city to run in and also a great city to visit. 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful city to run around 🙂

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