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Personal Transformation Part 2 – Think Big

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Many times I have been given advise that goes along the lines of: don’t tackle too many issues at one time, don’t try to change too many things at the same time. I tried to honor this advise for most of my life, but it doesn’t work! This is not a good piece of advise! It is true for certain circumstances, but it just won’t work when you try to transform yourself.

The way to go is: Think Big! Find out what is important to you. Create your vision. Create your dreams. If you are looking for a personal transformation you will soon notice that you need to work on more than one project. You may need to look into switching careers. You may have to start creating a new network that allows you to meet the people who can help you with your transformation and to reach your goals.

Exploring all this at the same time creates momentum and you may discover that there is an interconnection between the people you need to meet to reach your transformation.

Let me share with you what I mean.

My personal transformation is centered around three topics: professional career, getting involved in a caring community and creating a network of friends that will help me during this process. Last week I went to a professional networking event where I met amazing people who shared my idea of being involved in a caring community. We clicked instantly and are now planning charity events for a cause that is dear to us. If I hadn’t opened myself up to work on different aspects of my life, I may have not gone to this event (if my focus had been on community only) or I may not have sought the conversation with these amazing people (if I had looked for career development contacts only).

I truly believe when you Think Big, magic happens and you create a momentum that makes you open to meet the people you need to meet to follow your personal transformation.

Dream Big!


Author: tatjana.k

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