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Race Recap – Shock Absorber WomenOnly Run


I ran a 5K today.

Big deal, I hear you say… Yes, it was a big deal! Somehow last night, I opened a bottle of wine and decided to skip the race. I had a weird day, a busy week and I just felt exhausted.

This morning, however, I woke up early and as I was assessing if I wanted to get up after all and run the race, I had this thought:

How will you feel after the race? Will you feel happy that you stayed home? Or will you feel happy that you went out, ran a race and spent time outside in the park?

I knew the answer. So, off I hurried out of bed, packed my bag, ran out of the house, caught a bus, walked 1.5 miles to the start line, made it to the start line with 5 minutes to spare, ran a 5K, walked back 2.5 miles and smiled.

Of course, I am happy I went. Here is what I would have missed:

  • a gorgeous morning out in Richmond Park
  • a great conversation with a fellow runner
  • a second-fastest 5K ever run (I am on a roll…)
  • a happy smile


I would have missed this view of Richmond Park:

I would have missed the medal (top left corner – after all, that’s what I run for) and this awesome goodie collection:

So, if you find yourself in bed in the morning wondering if you should get up for a race, just consider all that you could miss out on.

And, today, I would have missed out on a lot. I am glad I got up!

And if you are thinking, so, where is the race recap, here it is:

Great 5K course in Richmond Park, downhill, uphill, deer on the side of the trail (not quite as aggressive as last time though, but still mooing). A well set up race by the HumanRace Team. Run it!!


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7 thoughts on “Race Recap – Shock Absorber WomenOnly Run

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  2. Good for you! My biggest struggle is when I am tired and I suddenly don’t feel like going for my run. I hope it gets easier and I’ll definitely try your imaging process with “what will I feel like after”. I think I should head to Richmond Park asap to catch the beautiful colours!

  3. Beautiful Autumn colours – and next time my bed seems like a good place to be, I’ll think again!

  4. The leaves changing are beautiful!

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