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Personal Transformation Part 3 – Playing Big


My plan of attack in my personal transformation is to look at my transformation from all different sides and explore.

I want to find out what’s holding me back to create a career path that works for me. I want to create a life path that is authentically me. 

In order to get some guidance and tools to explore and learn, and have the support of other women who are on the same spiritual journey, I recently signed up for the Playing Big program created by Tara Sophia Mohr. I am not expecting to get all the answers from this program, but I am hoping to learn to hear my own voice and make it heard.

Deirdre Walsh interviewed Tara Sophia Mohr on (amongst others) what Playing Big means. Here is an excerpt that speaks to me profoundly:

[…] in our culture people think that playing big comes from working hard or striving to be bigger. It comes from puffing up our chest and putting on a great performance. It comes from succeeding in a very worldly sense that takes a kind of effort or performance. And I think that in many ways the opposite is true.  That actually playing big, achieving great things, having remarkable success, having amazing, creative offerings that get produced through us and flow out into the world through us, leading with impact.  Anything that we might define as playing big – that that is actually what happens naturally when we undo some of the blocks and limitations that life has put in us, and when we simply tap into our authentic desires. [..]


Author: tatjana.k

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3 thoughts on “Personal Transformation Part 3 – Playing Big

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  2. Looks like a really interesting programme – I hope you enjoy it!

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