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Running in bright shirts


As I already told you, I haven’t been running since the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon.

Since I got back from Austin, TX, the London weather has been miserable, dark and wet. So I let myself get a little sidetracked by the outside mood… It wasn’t actually bad, because I allowed myself some time to work on some of my “in-house” projects. So all was good until I got a little cranky this week and finally realized, I need to get back out and run!

So, last night I did. I put on a bright yellow shirt, because we all know that if you wear a bright yellow shirt, you can see everything outside even if it’s dark…. Right? 😉

And I thought a 20-minute run is OK right now. Well, it was getting really dark and the bright shirt didn’t actually light the way after all… Eventually I ran 25 minutes and loved it. My running path was covered in mud, so my running shoes look kind of gross now, but they had a big smile on them (just like my hiking boots on Sunday).

Then I saw an article in Runner’s World on the Holiday Running Streak. With the Holiday Running Streak you pledge to run 1 mile every day between now and the end of the year. And – as Runner’s World correctly observes – most likely you will run more than 1 mile once you are out there. I kind of like this approach. So I pledge to run a mile a day and if I don’t run I will walk a mile. That will get rid of all my excuses.

And my new bright shirt will come out with me and play! 🙂


Author: tatjana.k

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2 thoughts on “Running in bright shirts

  1. I’m surprised your bright color didn’t work, mine always does :-). I love the goal over the next month, great motivation.

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