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Personal Transformation Part 4 – My Inner Critic

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Over the last few weeks – as part of the Playing Big Program – I have been working on My Inner Critic.

One of the surprising things I learned about my Inner Critic is that she (yes, in my case it’s a “she”) shows up most loudly when I start making plans that take me outside my comfort zone.

I have always heard my Inner Critic, but until I started the coaching program, I never realized how she shows up during the times where I need to make a leap. A leap of faith mostly. Outside of my comfort zone. I now have a much better understanding of how to talk to my Inner Critic. My Inner Critic is trying to protect me as I try to leave my safe zone, but now I have learned to say: “Thank you, my Inner Critic, for your concern. But I have this covered.”

There is so much more to learn about the Inner Critic and if you want to learn a little more why not start here with an Inner Critic 101 from Tara Sophia Mohr:


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