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Observations during Christmas Shopping

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Christmas shopping can be a pain – so I hear. I never seem to have this problem. I love Christmas shopping. Mostly maybe because I start early and don’t wait for the last week… And then during the last week, I just go and observe (and drink mulled wine). 🙂

I didn’t have my camera ready (or better I am not sure if this would be appropriate to take photos) for the following 2 observations.

Outside the Hollister underwear store (yup – apparently they have just an underwear store…) was a male model dressed in swimming trunks (at least that’s what I hope they were) only.

In the windows of a female underwear store was a female model wearing underwear only.

Sometimes, I miss living in Germany where people don’t tip-toe too much around what is PC or not. None of the models were inappropriate, there was nothing unseemly about all this. Just a different way of advertising.

The more family friendly observations were 2 (not one, but two) Santa Claus built out of Lego or Duplo (which is just a bigger version of Lego for smaller kids or clumsy adults). Here is one of them.

santa claus

Fully dressed! 🙂


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