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2012 in Review – running, traveling, career, life


2012 has been pretty remarkable. Not something I expected at the beginning of this year, but something that slowly unfolded over the course of this year…

How do you sum up a whole year?

I could talk about my running

11 races in 3 countries, including the inaugural Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and the Cologne Half Marathon. A PR (new distance: 8.2 miles), 2 second fastest times ever (half marathon & 10k). A whole lot of time spent with great friends.

I could talk about my traveling

Edinburgh, Budapest, San Diego, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Huntington Beach,  Texas, Spain, Germany. Countless flights and air miles completed. Even my “staying at home” in London during the Olympics and Paralympics are really part of my traveling. It has been such a remarkable experience being part of the Olympics & Paralympics 2012 that made me so happy being in London during this time.

I could talk about my photography

For the first time in my life I bought a SLR camera. I am not a professional photographer and I don’t have aspirations to be one. I just love taking photos and collecting memories of my travels. Each photo carries a story, a little piece of me.

I could talk about my personal journey

I spent a lot of time figuring out what I want to do in life and with my career, what is right for me and what will make me happy. I love being part of Tara Sophia Mohr’s Playing Big Program. The program has opened up a different perspective on my life and has made it easier for me to follow the path that is right for me. In figuring out what I want and need in life for my career and for my personal happiness, I have been able to work towards a new goal. I have searched for and secured a new job opportunity that lets me combine my career aspirations with my personal aspirations and will now start the new year with a new job in a new place. California – here I come!

In a sum, 2012 has been an extraordinary year of actually Living Life!  🙂

Living Life at the Gran Canyon in 2012!

Living Life at the Grand Canyon in 2012!


Author: tatjana.k

explorer | runner | hiker | marketer | with opinions | coffee-lover | photographer | seeking adventures in everyday life

9 thoughts on “2012 in Review – running, traveling, career, life

  1. Many congratulations on your new job! How exciting! Here’s to another happy and healthy year!

  2. Congrats on the new job – CA will be wonderful! I’ll need to read your recaps of any half marathons you do over there as I’m trying to get one in every state! So far, all I have is TX. 😛

    • Better get started. 49 to go… LOL. I surely will let you know. I heard there are plenty. I have run in San Diego and San Francisco. SF is pretty cool to run in,but I’ ‘ll test some new ones for you. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  3. So jealous you got to run in Cali – I am dying to run a race out there!

  4. Congrats on a very successful 2012! You certainly have explored a good deal of places! What was your favorite?

  5. What a great year! Here’s to 2013 being even better!

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