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Moving my butt


After I wrote about buttprints yesterday, I figured I need to watch mine, my butt that is…

The look of happy running shoes.

The look of happy running shoes.

Not that I want any buttprints, but if they would so happen, they shouldn’t be any bigger than necessary… LOL.

So, I went for my first run this year. YEAH! A whopping 2.1 miles. According to my NIKE account this was my first run since the end of November. My legs seemed happy. My arms seemed happy, because I gave them a little strength training after the run.

I missed one day in my 100-day challenge – yesterday as I was so excited about having my last day at work.

100day-challengeDay 6 – 1 hour and  15 minute walking

Day 7 – day off

Day 8 – 30 minute run + strength training

I am looking forward to my run tomorrow now. Moving my butt finally isn’t half as bad as I thought it might be… 🙂


Author: tatjana.k

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3 thoughts on “Moving my butt

  1. When Re you moving to this side of the pond? And have a safe and in eventful move!

  2. there you go…easier than you thought!!!

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