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Forming new habits


Alright, it’s January 9th and you all have already forgotten all your New Year’s Resolutions… Or maybe you are still trying very hard to stick to them.

We always say baby steps is the way to go to make major changes in our lives. Yinka over at Lightbulb Moments shared a very interesting approach to forming new habits designed by BJ Fogg (Stanford University, Director Persuasive Lab).

BJ Fogg’s approach is forming Tiny Habits. This is from his presentation “3 steps to new habits” (please check out the full deck!):

  1. Make it tiny – simplify the behavior you want to form (example: walk for 3 minutes)

  2. Find a spot – make it part of your existing routine (walk every day for 3 minutes right after lunch)

  3. Train the cycle – make sure you do the new behavior as part of your routine until it becomes routine.

That’s it. Sounds easy? Let’s try it.


Author: tatjana.k

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5 thoughts on “Forming new habits

  1. meditate for 10 minutes before leaving the house.

  2. My update! Hour dancing on Monday, Yoga Tuesday and walking 30 minutes. Wednesday will go to hour Zumba… in a minute… I am getting there!

  3. Success one mindful breath at a time.

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