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Running into a movie premiere – Django


After my post yesterday – travel theme – multiples – I REALLY wanted to go to the M&M store and sneak my camera in to take some fun pictures. My brother came to London for a surprise visit, so we decided after some other sightseeing to head over and have a look. We didn’t get far…

M&M store in Leicester Square, London

M&M store in Leicester Square, London

We walked right into a movie premiere at Leicester Square and there was no chance to get into the M&M store, so we decided to check which movie premiere was happening…

UK movie premiere - Django

UK movie premiere – Django

I got TOTALLY excited when I saw it was Django as I kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio (don’t judge!). I haven’t been out at Leicester Square during a movie premiere in a long time. It’s a pretty excited atmosphere. The announcer told us the stars would me coming “very shortly”. Just so you know, “very shortly” in movie star speak is about an hour… It was chilly. But we stayed. And waited… and waited…

Eventually the action started and Leo was not on the list. Bummer. So out came Quentin Tarantino. This is what I saw:

UK movie premiere - Django

UK movie premiere – Django

I did catch a glimpse of Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Foxx and Samuel L Jackson. My brother got the better pictures.

My brother also caught Hugo from Made in Chelsea (who is not in the movie as far as I know, but probably thought this was a great opportunity to get his photo taken – I guess he was right.. LOL).

The amount of bodyguards and security was amazing. You’d think with all these action heroes, they know how to get out of tricky situations and who would want to mess with Quentin Tarantino or Samuel L Jackson anyway? 😉

Yeah, we never made it into the M&M store and I am going to have to give this another try another time, so I can keep my promise to Ailsa from at Where’s my backpack?


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4 thoughts on “Running into a movie premiere – Django

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  2. Well it’s meant to be a great film.
    What’s the ‘M&M’ store?

  3. M&M store in London. I feel a trip coming on!

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