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Inner Power


I read a beautiful post by Maria Shriver on her blog on Inner Power. It made me stop and think about my inner power.

We all have tremendous power within ourselves. We have the power to make ourselves happy or sad. We have the power to make our family and friends feel great or bad about themselves. A few mis-placed words can make a huge difference to other people. We have the power to help each other, to lift each other up, to support each other to excel.

Power doesn’t just come from status and money. Inner power comes from wanting to dream, wanting to make our friends and family lead successful lives and support them all the way. Inner power comes from small steps taken to make this world a better place, from fundraising for a cause dear to your heart, helping your neighbors out when they are in need, building a  well in a country where it’s needed, giving a passer-by a smile.

Don’t take your inner power lightly. Use it to change the world!


Author: tatjana.k

explorer | runner | hiker | marketer | with opinions | coffee-lover | seeking adventures in everyday life

4 thoughts on “Inner Power

  1. Very inspiring! Thank you.

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