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Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series – Rock Encore Medal
Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series – Rock Encore Medal

Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series – Rock Encore Medal

Nice gesture.

As I am sitting here scrapping most of my planned races for this year, I finally get my 2012 Rock Encore Medal from the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series. I got this medal for running two Rock ‘n Roll races in North America, the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, last year.

It’s a pretty nice medal. It goes really well with the World Rocker Medal that I received earlier last year for running a Rock ‘n Roll race in North America and one in Europe. I also ran the Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon which I really loved. The course was hilly, but very picturesque. I can definitely recommend the race for the scenery.

I didn’t get the Triple Crown medal. This one – at least last year – was only given out if you ran 3 Rock ‘n Roll races in one region (either North America or Europe).

This year I won’t be collecting any Rock ‘n Roll medals. So maybe 2014 will be my triple crown year?

Here is my 2012 race list. The list for 2013 will be much shorter:

January – NIKE+ Women’s Half Marathon – actually, 13.9 miles run

March – Regent’s Park Jog 5k (28:53)

March – Richmond Spring Riverside 10k (PR @ 1:03:20)

April – Whole Foods Breakfast Run in Kingston 8.2 miles (PR @ 1:22:00)

April – Edinburgh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon (2:26:18)

May – London Bupa 10k (1:04:36)

June – San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon (2:23:28)

July – British 10k (1:05:29)

October – Cologne Half Marathon (2:21:35 – second fastest half marathon ever)

October – Shock Absorber Women’s 5k (27:20)

November – San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon (really slow)