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Happiness – the paradox of choice


I love reading and listening to speakers talking about Happiness. Specifically I like scientists and psychologists talking about happiness. Now, I make up my own theories every now and then, and one of then has been around choice.

Does more choice make us more happy?

I always feel overwhelmed when there is too much choice. Yes, of course I want a selection of options for all kinds of things: color of cell phone, vacation destination, style of shirt, my profession, my lifestyle etc. Of course I don’t want anyone else making a decision for me. I want to make my own choices.

BUT. Very often I come across scenarios where there is just too much choice and it is impossible for me to make the right choice. With the sheer number of choices, how do I know which one is the “right” one for me? This easily paralysis any decision-making. And then when I finally make a choice, I am constantly rethinking whether I made the right choice. NOT HAPPY!

So this is what I found with my own behavior and I always found it fascinating. Luckily, science backs me up here and recently I came across this great TED Talk by Barry Schwartz on The Paradox of Choice.Β  Check it out, Barry Schwartz has some great examples and he is just fun to listen to.

He will also reveal the secret to happiness! πŸ™‚


Author: tatjana.k

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4 thoughts on “Happiness – the paradox of choice

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  2. I tell people all the time you have two choices when you wake up each morning to be happy or not! I choose to be happy… It works most of the time πŸ™‚

  3. Me too! My choices need to be minimized or I just kind of shut-down and make no decisions. Love TED. Thanks for sharing.

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