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Stumbling on happiness

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Barry Schwartz explains what the secrets to happiness is. Did you watch the TED Talk I posted yesterday? If not, then there is a spoiler alert coming up: Barry Schwartz says in this Ted Talk: The secret to happiness is having low expectations. Check out this New Yorker cartoon from David Sipress:


Dan Gilbert is another expert on happiness. If you haven’t read his book Stumbling on Happiness, go and check it out. It is really interesting. His theory is very much around what Barry Schwartz discusses: Our expectations are pretty much in the way of happiness. Our expectations are built by what we remember from past experiences and what people tell us (alas, their past experiences). However, our memory is flawed and we actually don’t remember things the way they actually happened. and hence our expectations based on these flawed memories are flawed also.

Here is a TED Talk by Dan Gilbert on Happiness:


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