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A tough girl – not!


It’s been nearly 11 weeks since I broke my foot. It’s been the fastest and slowest weeks ever. 😉 I took my aircast fully off after week 8 and have been walking without ever since. I don’t have any pain, but I am not walking properly either. It feels like I am limping a little. So, finally I started physical therapy last week – I know I should have started earlier, but with the move and all things were pretty hectic…

I didn’t know that PT could hurt so much! Just thinking about it makes me go OUCH!!!!! (and now throw some bad words in as well…. LOL). My muscles in my right lower leg are super tight from not having been used properly for a long time and they scream out HELP!

After my first 2 visits my physical therapist wasn’t happy with my progress. I guess I really have been practicing patience over the last 11 weeks, because I was like, “It’s only been 2 visits! What are you expecting?” Apparently a lot!

Anyway, now after my third visit, my foot actually does feel slightly better. I am hoping to slowly start running again in a few weeks. I will definitely work with my PT on this and not rush as I’d like to not break the foot again.

My next PT session is tomorrow and I am already looking forward to an hour of pain. So much for being a tough girl! 😉


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7 thoughts on “A tough girl – not!

  1. I know it’s tough now, but you will get there. I broke my foot on December 1 and now I’m back to running for 25 minutes, three times a week. I have had some niggles in my foot, but that’s as it gets the strength back.
    It’s worth putting in the hard work now so that your foot gets better quickly and you don’t have any problems in the long-term. And eventually, all this trouble that you’re going through now will be just a speck in your memory.

  2. Oh! my thoughts are with you. This recovery thing is no fun! I am 5 weeks out from my (re)broken toe and also experiencing lower leg pain from limping. Just started p/t this week and it makes my toe/leg mad! Feeling a little dejected about how slowly I am improving and how long I’ve had to take off. Good luck with your recovery!

    • Thank you! It’s frustrating how slow the healing process is, but I want to make sure I heal fully before embarking on new running adventures. Good luck with your recovery! Let’s hope our PTs know whet they are doing! 🙂

  3. Some times it is hard to be tough! – hang in there. :/

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