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Slowly walking…


My foot is still not in shape for running, but I have increased my walking exercise. I try to walk 1 mile every evening after work (time permitting) and managed 6 walks this week. Today I slowly walked 3 miles.

The pain after walking is getting less and less, but after each physical therapy session I want to curl up and cry. It’s not quite this bad, but the sight of Dr H or Dr A entering the room makes me cringe. And both look so innocent. Like they can’t harm an ant. But they have no pity with my leg and foot… I wish I had my Stick and my foam roller, but both are on a truck somewhere waiting to be shipped to my new apartment.

I am now on to a series of strength exercise for my ankle and foot. It’s not running, but it makes me feel much better. At this point any exercise is welcome.

On the bright side: I am moving again, albeit slowly! 🙂 And this coming week I’ll be joining a mixer with the local Team in Training group. Can’t wait to join the Team again for another season (even if that means I am walking a half marathon). But don’t you worry, training will only start at the end of May, I am just going to meet the Team.


Author: tatjana.k

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4 thoughts on “Slowly walking…

  1. Wishing you the best in your new city and in your recovery! Way to go on committing to getting out there for your exercise. In the long run your foot/legs will thank you for it. Take care!

  2. Wish you success with running soon ! Give it time!

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