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Pink Elephant on Parade Virtual 5k


My friend Liz organized a virtual 5k as part of her fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It was called “Pink Elephant on Parade“. I thought that was a cool name and deserved that I brought something pink with me on this 5k.

IMG_0075I am still not able to run (due to broken foot in January), but I am able to walk, so off I went last Saturday with my pink bottle of water in sunny California.

This is the path that I took for my 5k. I actually ended up walking 4.4 miles, which is the longest walk since I broke my foot. I enjoyed being out and moving about. It was – of course – a sunny California day and I realized this was my first ‘race’ in my new home State.

So I looked out for all signs Californian: palm trees, mountains, sun, wildflowers. Even the new 49er stadium was on my route. Walking is actually great fun. I was able to see much more than when I am running. I am going to look into some fun walks to do until I can run properly again.


Author: tatjana.k

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2 thoughts on “Pink Elephant on Parade Virtual 5k

  1. It looks lovely, glad you are starting again , even if it is only walking. Just be careful and don’t strain it too much. Enjoy the walks!

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