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Run/Walk #3

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Last week Monday (about 2 weeks ago), my physical therapist said, “OK, let’s give this running thing a go.” Baby steps first, of course. He said I can slowly start run/walk intervals. My first run/walk was a 1/1 split and went splendidly. I was moving for 20 minutes and all felt good. Run #2 didn’t go quite as well. I upped it to a 2/1 split (2 minute running / 1 minute walking) and my foot started hurting during interval three. I aborted my running project frustrated.

run3Then I thought about the first run and wondered what was different other than the split. I realized that I had been walking inbetween every day and didn’t give my foot a rest. Duh!

A little smarter after run #2, I took a break before I attempted run #3 last Friday. I went on a 2/1 split again and it worked out great. Note to self: slow down, take rests, be smart! I ran/walked for 2.21 miles and it felt awesome!

I didn’t walk much today, won’t be walking much tomorrow and Tuesday is my first official training run with my new team. Let’s see how that goes. Very excited to make slow progress. I guess I am going to join the run/walk group to force myself to take it slow after my injury. That will allow much more time to chat and get to know my new team mates. Great plan, too! You can tell I am very excited! 🙂

Have a great start to the week!


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One thought on “Run/Walk #3

  1. You are certainly excited. All the best wiht your start, take it easy and enjoy!

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