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Stretch ‘n strength

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stretch-n-strength-bandI am missing my team workout today. Work took a little longer today, but I was so happily working on my project that I managed to miss time… Oops.

Of course, I know what this means: back to my strength and stretch band and the exercises that my PT has prescribed. Fun times tonight. I usually complain to him about these exercises, but truthfully I can really feel the difference in my foot mobility each time I do my work out. Therefore I don’t mind at all and am actually looking forward to it (ok, maybe that’s a little exaggerated…LOL).

I was trying to find some more exercises online that I can add to my strength band work out, but I couldn’t find any that used the same exercise band that I was using. Very interesting. So if you have any great ideas on what additional exercises (other than foot and ankle) I could do with my strength band, I’d appreciate your suggestions!

So, off I go to the torture treatment room. 🙂


Author: tatjana.k

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One thought on “Stretch ‘n strength

  1. haha torture…. oops treatment… it does help though! 🙂

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