live life healthy and happy


Yes, I am still running or better running again after I broke my foot in January. It’s been over 2 months already that I have been training for my next half marathon, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon here in San Francisco.

Though I am still much slower than I would like to be and my life doesn’t fully evolve around running anymore, I am feeling happy to be able to run and train. I even made new running friends. Changing continents and jobs has taken a toll on my running time (not on my running love though!). Exploring my new home with new and old friends is now my favorite weekend activity, but I do find time to run (and I should post some pics of my awesome running routes).

Here are some running stats:

August: 20 miles (so far)

July: 37 miles (lots of traveling that months)

June: 55 miles

May: 41 miles

Not too shabby after all. 🙂