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Saturday long run

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My Team in Training team met somewhere south today (I never remember the places exactly, just follow the instructions… 😉 ) for the long run. We were promised a pretty route and so it was.

I ran 8 miles and they felt good! Still running intervals, but improved my average pace by more than a minute per mile. Very happy about it.
I had a great running buddy again today and start to feel at home in my new team. Awesome!! 🙂

Here is the view at the 4-mile turn-around.



Author: tatjana.k

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One thought on “Saturday long run

  1. Awesome! I’ve injured my knee, so I’ve had to cut back and re-think the training. I’m not running with the Team as I can’t go nearly as far. I’m hoping to still run in San Fran, but I may be cheering on the sidelines instead. Congratulations on your training!

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